German Courses in London
Our Tutors

Born and educated in Germany.

Language or teaching degree with fluent English.

Helpful, encouraging, patient, with a sense of humour and high energy level.

Consistently enthusiastic and inspirational.

Anticipate problems, tax students correctly, have an antenna for the student's state of mind and assist him/her to have a productive lesson.

Understanding the student's business
Are interested in the student's work and eager to broaden their understanding of it; possess the necessary translation skills and background knowledge to make work-related discussions fruitful.

We are trying our best to find the optimal teaching style for each student. The expectations students have can vary widely. At one extreme, a fairly strict and challenging approach is sought whereas, at the opposite end of the spectrum, one finds students who would feel intimated by it and learn best in a more relaxed and playful atmosphere.

We certainly have our views on what approach works best, but we also realize that we cannot go against the grain. Our starting point will always be to present a challenge, to which the student will, hopefully, rise. But we accept the need for flexibility and a variety of approaches. Reconciling these various aspects requires an experienced tutor and constitutes a delicate balancing act.


"I needed to learn German to handle legal documents in that language, and to communicate with our clients there. Tackling a new language is a daunting prospect, especially when it needs to be used in a business environment. However, the teachers from Jürgen Zöllner Associates quickly helped me to achieve a basic proficiency in German, and then built on that foundation with a tailored approach to my requirements. This meant I could soon get to grips with the work I needed to do with our German clients. I found the teachers excellent to work with because they brought the classroom to my office with a lively and enjoyable attitude. I would recommend Jürgen Zöllner and his colleagues to anyone."

Jerry Bridge-Butler, Patent Attorney, Baron Warren Redfern