German Courses in London
Exams & Diplomas

We have been asked by HR departments to prepare groups of students for recognised exams. Typically, these individuals are lower to middle-ranking employees who have taken up their employer's offer to increase their skill base without there often being an immediate and identifiable business need to learn German. Requiring students to pass a reputable exam is the quid-pro-quo demanded by the company, which, after all, is the paymaster. It is also a proven way to measure progress and introduce discipline.

The exams having the highest cachet are the ones organised by the Goethe-Institut which is the Federal Republic of Germany's cultural institution operating worldwide. Its brief is to promote German culture, and its language learning centres are an important part of it. External candidates are welcome to attend exams held at their South Kensington base. You will find detailed information on these at their website.

To pass any exam credibly, a considerable amount of in-depth study is required. You are, generally, being marked on right or wrong not on whether you can get your point across. This attention to detail will be resented by many over-stretched executives although, on occasion, even among this group, you find individuals who crave the seal of approval an exam can provide.

Honing your German language skills