German Courses in London
Length of Course

The number of lessons you will require will depend on many factors. You might, first, wish to define more clearly what competency level you are aiming at. A full, official grading of foreign language capabilities has been produced on the instigation of the European Parliament, and can be found here.

Alternatively, as a rough-and-ready guide, you may wish to look at the definitions below. Please note that the hours stated are predicated on one-to-one tuition, regular attendance and homework. It also presupposes average linguistic ability and being able to focus on the course mentally. These hours are indicative of the time investment a beginner would have to make to reach the various stages. It does not, however, assume prior foreign language learning of any kind.

Basic skills (40 – 60 hours)
This level will suffice if you agree with the following statements:

  • "Travelling in Germany without knowing some of the language can be difficult."
  • "I wish to exchange some routine pleasantries with my German contacts."
  • "I need to speak German on the telephone in non-technical discussions because my usual contact is not there."
  • "I entertain German visitors to the UK and want to make them feel more comfortable."

Intermediate skills (60 to 120 hours)
You should consider that length of course if your aims are as follows:

  • "I travel to Germany and take part in business meetings held in German. I would like to understand the salient points without an interpreter but without necessarily responding in German."
  • "I wish to make a serious effort to establish a closer relationship with my German contact."
  • "On the telephone, I want to be able to communicate the outline of a technical topic until a fluent English speaker can return my call."
  • "I receive written communications in German and would like to be able to assess their relevance to me."
  • "I would like to send simple e-mails."

Advanced skills (120 – 200 hours)
This amount of study would be required for the learner whose needs are the following:

  • "I travel in Germany and would like to hold my meetings in German only."
  • "On the telephone, I would like to discuss and resolve technical queries in German."
  • "In my job, I must be able to read complex, work-related passages in newspapers, technical journals, etc."
  • "I would like to conduct an ever-greater part of my correspondence in German."


"I was co-Head of the UK Division of EuroHypo, a major German Bank specialising in property-related finance. I realised that I had to understand both the German language and culture to be effective in my role. I decided to use Jürgen Zöllner Associates following a recommendation from one of my senior colleagues. I found that the lessons were taken in a professional and serious way and there was a real understanding of the need for the lessons to fit in with my professional needs. I felt so much more comfortable in dealing with my colleagues and with my very frequent trips to Germany. I would be happy to recommend this course."

Ahsan Ellahi, former Joint Managing Director of EuroHypo, London