German Courses in London
Who We Are

Our school will appeal to you if you are looking for a small but stable, owner-run organisation. Being only 4 trainers strong, we tread a middle path between the one-man band, private tutor and the agency-type school which, apart from the invoicing and occasional student report, has no further input into the course.

We are small. Your business matters to us. We do not farm out our German courses to third-party freelance tutors we cannot control.

You will know from the outset who will teach you and be able to see testimonials for him/her.

Our trainers know each other well, teach the same course and have the same objectives.

We have worked with managers from a wide range of industries and understand what type of German they need; and, more importantly, how to achieve the best possible outcomes for them, bearing in mind the time limitations they are under.

Since our inception, we have not seen the need to offer other languages on an agency basis. The ongoing commercial success has been due largely to personal recommendations and our focus on one language: German. It reflects our status as one of the foremost providers of business German courses in London.


"Working for a global investment boutique owned by Allianz, I wanted to improve my German from a basic level. I have had regular weekly one-on-one lessons at the office following a structured approach based on developing a sound understanding of grammar. As the foundations have been laid, the lessons have developed into improving language skills through conversation on topics relevant to the environment in which I work: Financial markets, Economics and Geo Politics. The tutor is excellent; experienced, encouraging and patient. He has shown to have a detailed understanding of how financial markets work and the issues facing the asset management industry. I would recommend the firm without reservation."

Lucy MacDonald, Head Global Equities, RCM